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December 18, 2014
Published in Other Services

Facility set-up

Facility set-up takes care of requests for consultancy services for the design, building and other technical advisory services in building food processing plants and production lines.

December 18, 2014
Published in Consultancy Services

Contract Research

With Contract Research, the Institute is contracted by Client to carry out some research work in any area of clients’ interest which falls within our domain. A team of technical experts with expertise in the area of concern is constituted to carry out such research independent of the Client.

November 23, 2014
Published in Technical Services

Sensory Evaluation

Sensory Evaluation. (Consumer Acceptability Test) deals with evaluation of products by panellists some of whom are trained prior to their assessing of these products.

This service handles novel ideas brought in by Client. Ideas brought on board by clients are experimented in the laboratory and findings developed further to meet clients’ expectations. Laboratory work on product development is preceded by an extensive discussion led by the Research Scientist in charge of the project.

November 23, 2014
Published in Consultancy Services

Product Dev't & Upscaling

With this service, products are developed based on Clients’ directives and scaled up for them.

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